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  • TOMcase Professional Carrying Case „Travel Edition“ for DJI Mavic 1 Pro/Platinum Incl Inlay for Drone, Fly More Combo…

    Premium Outdoor Case “Travel Edition” for Mavic 1 Pro or Platinum, Fly More Combo and more. This top model offers a lot of space for up to 5 batteries and a unique amount of accessories. The case is compact, light, absolutely impact resistant and waterproof (IP67). The perfectly processed foam inlay made of fine porous and noble PE hard foam has a special coating against dirt and scratches. Top quality made in Germany! Suitable for:
    1x DJI Mavic 1 Pro or Platinum incl. battery, propeller, with or without gimbal cover, powerbank adapter (gimbal and propeller are specially protected – unique); 1x DJI Mavic remote control (standard) with mounted sticks;
    3x battery + 1 in the copter + 1 instead of car charger = total 5 batteries; 1x 4-fold charging stroke with power supply and cable management, also suitable for UK 3-pin plug (is stored horizontally – prevents cable breakage);