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  • Drone & Aerial Photography Course 301

    Featuring our industry specialist trainer, Matt Vanacoro !
    This course on Photography will show you everything you need to know !
    With 31 videos, and 1 hour and 32 minutes of valuable reference material !

  • Drone Flight Simulator 3D

    Unusual flight simulator – feel as a real pilot of drone!
    Make pictures and annoy citizens
    Earn points to upgrade your drone or buy a new one

  • Drone Racing RC

    – Multiple stunningly rendered 3D race tracks to test your skills.
    – Multiple realistic drones to select
    – Simple controls with deep mechanics so anyone can pick up and play but takes a coordinated player to win.

  • iDrone: Drone Enthusiast Magazine

    Great Drone Content
    Tips and tricks
    Different Models and Styles

  • Learn About Drones and UAVs

    Drone Basics
    Hardware and Software part of a Drone
    How to Build a Drone from scratch

  • Litchi for DJI Drones

    Advanced Waypoint editor allowing you to setup classic missions as well as Cable Cams, Selfies, Panoramas, with real time controls and unlimited distance
    Panorama mode: easily shoot horizontal, vertical and spherical panoramas
    Track mode: the aircraft can track any object you select on the video preview, you can also Orbit around the tracked object or have the aircraft autonomously follow the subject (requires high performance device)

  • The Drone TV Simulator 2018

    Simple but effective multirotor controls
    Beautiful environment